Shark Combi Spot One

422.70 EUR €

The Shark Combi Spot One is the all-purpose 2-in-1 moving head within the Shark family. Using a 30W white LED light source for 11° spot and 6 pieces 8W RGBW LED’s for a nice 25° wash, the Shark Combi Spot One offers great flexibility during use and saves space in your installation. The light output from both wash and spot, together with the 7 gobos and 7 colors make this a great item for mobile DJ’s, bars, clubs, etc. All effects and features can be controlled by DMX or with the included IR remote. The 8 channel personality makes it possible to control the Shark Combi Spot One with the most basic light desk, and for full control there are 2 advanced personalities up to 19 channels.

Availability: 1-3 Days